April 2019 — Dailyo Mood Chart Stats

I use this great diary & mood-tracking app... It was quite a good idea, actually, to help me with my ASD 🤔 https://www.daylio.net Well, I’d probably say the graph says it all, how my last month went. Seeing it like this, though, is a bit of an eye opener. It’s really no wonder I am … Continue reading April 2019 — Dailyo Mood Chart Stats

Applying My Mind

I finally have something constructive to do for someone else – work, if you like. Unpaid and a volunteer role. One that is fun and somewhat challenging, so I'm pretty happy about it. I have offered to help a friend – my best friend – with her (first of many, hopefully) application for a new job. … Continue reading Applying My Mind

New Ventures

I have decided to simply comemorate the eve of my journey into a new, yet still slightly familiar, career path. I have spent the evening beginning the skeleton concept for a site, and I will soon be learning how to hone my skills of editing and proofreading in a more professional capacity.   I've been … Continue reading New Ventures

Hopeless Creatures

Crippling self-doubt... Despite the way it's worded, I negate the thought that it is self-inflicted. I can not believe that we naturally self-doubt - we are survivalist beings who will kill before being killed - in reality and metaphorically. I think the sad truth is that we are influenced by others to the point where … Continue reading Hopeless Creatures

Freedom from this Labyrinthian Realm

Feeling lost has been a confusing and heartbreaking experience. Nothing is "OK", makes sense, or is worth any effort when you are lost inside your own mind. My focus has been gone, and so have I...   I unfortunately only just came to realise that last part though.  I nearly lost far more than myself because … Continue reading Freedom from this Labyrinthian Realm

Living With The Enemy

Not been doing much writing of late... I've barely just been mindlessly going back and forth on the manuscript without much of an idea of what I'm doing. I wish it was because I have started an intensive IT course for SQL, but even that is suffering.   After all these years I am definitely … Continue reading Living With The Enemy

Writing Tools & Adaptation

My preference in writing has always been typing. My tool of choice has been laptops since I first got my hands on one about 15 years ago when I was finally given one for college, and I've never been a big fan of handwriting, since it ends up hurting my stupidly weak wrists. Even as … Continue reading Writing Tools & Adaptation

Knowing Me; Knowing Them

So, after thinking a little bit more about the whole "write what you know" thing that everyone will always quote at you if you want to write, I got to thinking about what I really did know. And I came to realise that one thing I had been trying to write about I did not … Continue reading Knowing Me; Knowing Them