Fibro Bunny

This... SUPER DRAINED EXHAUSTION is Getting Seriously, Severely Out Of Hand. There's the Paresthesia Nightmare of PAIN. The Undiagnosed Long COVID that's making it impossible to even move. ... Seriously, I Just Don't Know how else to word this DEEP ... Empty & VOID inside of... Ability To Move Or Even Breathe without The Most Enormous Effort... Wasn't there before I got COVID and now it's just getting worse with each day and month that goes by...

‘The NHS has been destroyed’: Boris Johnson confronted by father of sick child | Politics | The Guardian

Man accuses PM of visiting Whipps Cross hospital in London for press opportunity — Read on Whips Cross Hospital is indeed a derelict pile of complete rubbish... Services cut to the bone, An ancient Victorian set of buildings falling apart at the seams, waiting lists too long... Has been under Special Measures yet has … Continue reading ‘The NHS has been destroyed’: Boris Johnson confronted by father of sick child | Politics | The Guardian

Anxiety & Chaos — The Antithesis of the Aspie Mind…

Anxiety and Chaos rules my mind. It feels like it's been long buried under mountains of agonising pain, sorrow, grief. Fibro-Fog, medication, and more and more Chaos and Anxiety. I can feel my mind still there, calling, struggling to be freed, to be heard... yet, there seems to be so little I can do about digging it back out.

The Past Collides With The Present…

  Today, I found an old (former?) friend on Facebook (...where else?!). I haven't seen her since she left for Australia with her family when we were 12 years old. I happened to be looking through old photos and wondered if she was on there. And she was. And I saw her as she was … Continue reading The Past Collides With The Present…

All Pain, No Gain?

It's easy to believe - too easy sometimes - that the actual entire universe is against you no mattter what you do. In fact, the more good you try and do, the more it punches you back in the face. Perhaps this is especially true if you're already struggling, and you just want that one … Continue reading All Pain, No Gain?

The Pain Game

I am unable to focus. Unable to think. Unable to feel... except the pain. There is nothing but the pain. It's been  around 914 days since it started. About two and a half years. All that time where nothing else has mattered. I used to be "me"... but now there's nothing but the pain. My … Continue reading The Pain Game

Going Solo

Pain is exhausting... and troubling. It's now my worst enemy, and today I am facing it alone. I have an appointment with a physiotherapist to discuss Hydrotherapy today. In two hours. My cab is now booked, my appointment is for 1pm. My friend was supposed to be here with me to help – I am … Continue reading Going Solo

The Pain Masquerade

I forgot to take my pills on time tonight... again. But this time they were really late. The agony was excruciating, and frankly made what I usually go through on a daily basis look like child's play. It was a waiting game to get any relief from taking the Pregabalin (4 hours late), and attempts to divert … Continue reading The Pain Masquerade