Under Intense [Air] Pressure from Rollercoaster Isobars

Fibromyalgia has narrowed my world in a way that nothing else ever has... Then it also got itself a "friend" -- Long COVID. Long COVID then went and got SEVERELY Exacerbated by Five Months of Hellish BURNOUT because of the STUPID Hospital's Treatment (or amazing lack thereof) of Lolli. Said BurnOut has rendered me... Entirely Non-Functional. In about as bad a condition as I was when I was battling SEPSIS.... But Then... Along Comes The Big Fibro Nemesis... The GODDAMNED WEATHER -- And the Rollercoaster Isobars thaat cause PAIN & Paresthesia like No Other to me.

Enduring The Days… The Relentless, Endless Days

Unable to eat, my Fibro FlareUp is SUPERNOVA… Enough that I keep Blacking Out from the PAIN… AFTER A HORRIBLE, TORTUOUS NIGHT & MORNING OF PANIC ATTACKS….. I now find out the Lead on my charging box by bed has failed. The USB plus directly in the baby plug TOWER isn’t working. Can’t get at … Continue reading Enduring The Days… The Relentless, Endless Days

Running Through Custard & Quicksand

I'm absolutely WRECKED... Feeling like I've been hit by a runaway BULLET Train, run over by a tank, then forcibly wrapped inside a boa-constrictor that has SEVERELY ELECTROCUTING giant hedgehog spikes, IMPALING Me EVERYWHERE, with NON-STOP Electrocuting Currents.... And With Each Individual Cell having its very OWN TENS Machine Attached -- on "MEGA SUPERNOVA...(!!!!!!)" Power...

It’s Morphin’ Time…?

GP [kinda randomly] Called Me Yesterday afternoon, about PAIN RELIEF & MORPHINE after my Mother contacted them about requiring more Oramorph... I also sent an email with my position and my own thoughts about the amount of Pain Relief I required and WHY… Wasn’t even one of my “Normal” GPs from there, either... Anyway. I … Continue reading It’s Morphin’ Time…?

Fibro FlareUps & Clueless Weather

Isobars Are Hitting Again... More RollerCoaster Disasters Coming Right Up... Whilst The Weather & Air Pressure Fail To Decide On What In All Hell's Name They're Going To Do Next... (We know it as "Springtime"... But apparently the Weather Gods are, Quite Frankly, Utterly Clueless... Clearly...) Feel like I got Run Over by a Tank, … Continue reading Fibro FlareUps & Clueless Weather

Just… Isobar Nightmares Again..

 | 15°C ... More Storms... More Miserables... More Skydiving Isobars...   This is what I have to look forward to Friday through Saturday, now...😟🤯☹️😖😣😥😢   ... To make it worse, all of Friday is in the 900s too... #weather #pain #isobars #anxietyPowered by Journey Diary.

Surviving Trauma with ASD

My Story... My Life... The Second Time My World Imploded into PTSD... When I was 34, literally my entire world fell apart. I was so ill I couldn’t move and was in 24/7 agony from Fibromyalgia, and after 2 years of this illness and 10 years together, my partner snapped and she sent me home … Continue reading Surviving Trauma with ASD


| 9°C | Overwhelmed. TMI'd up to the hilt. My Mind has been blown to pieces... and then those pieces have been blown up too.I can't even... You know, I am buzzing on the inside... I mean literally, like every cell has its own TENS machine or Thumper Wand. Too much everything. There's no time … Continue reading TMI