Under Intense [Air] Pressure from Rollercoaster Isobars

Fibromyalgia has narrowed my world in a way that nothing else ever has... Then it also got itself a "friend" -- Long COVID. Long COVID then went and got SEVERELY Exacerbated by Five Months of Hellish BURNOUT because of the STUPID Hospital's Treatment (or amazing lack thereof) of Lolli. Said BurnOut has rendered me... Entirely Non-Functional. In about as bad a condition as I was when I was battling SEPSIS.... But Then... Along Comes The Big Fibro Nemesis... The GODDAMNED WEATHER -- And the Rollercoaster Isobars thaat cause PAIN & Paresthesia like No Other to me.

Nemesis: Weather Vs Fibromyalgia

Spoiler Alert:WEATHER WINS. EVERY. tIMe. March 2023 -- And Storm Larissa has hit us over here [from France, apparently] like a sledgehammer to the head. Fibromyalgia, Chronic illness, Chronic Pain... All Bring Agony & Paresthesia through my door, into my Body & Brain & Life Sudo Existence. It all crashes down onto me... Drowning Me... … Continue reading Nemesis: Weather Vs Fibromyalgia



My (Nightmare) Catheter and I…

... Throwback Thought... Today, I got a call from Urology stating that the Suprapubic Surgery I have been waiting Two Years For has been Cancelled — Four Days Before it was due (20th March 2020). Due To The Coronavirus Pandemonium. This was after waiting One Year to see the consultant — on 14th February 2019 — then having to be forced through THREE Pre-Operative Appointments (the first being in May 2019) and a … Continue reading My (Nightmare) Catheter and I…

‘The NHS has been destroyed’: Boris Johnson confronted by father of sick child | Politics | The Guardian

Man accuses PM of visiting Whipps Cross hospital in London for press opportunity — Read on http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/sep/18/nhs-destroyed-boris-johnson-father-sick-child-hospital-london Whips Cross Hospital is indeed a derelict pile of complete rubbish... Services cut to the bone, An ancient Victorian set of buildings falling apart at the seams, waiting lists too long... Has been under Special Measures yet has … Continue reading ‘The NHS has been destroyed’: Boris Johnson confronted by father of sick child | Politics | The Guardian

Just… Isobar Nightmares Again..

 | 15°C ... More Storms... More Miserables... More Skydiving Isobars...   This is what I have to look forward to Friday through Saturday, now...😟🤯☹️😖😣😥😢   ... To make it worse, all of Friday is in the 900s too... #weather #pain #isobars #anxietyPowered by Journey Diary.


| 9°C | Overwhelmed. TMI'd up to the hilt. My Mind has been blown to pieces... and then those pieces have been blown up too.I can't even... You know, I am buzzing on the inside... I mean literally, like every cell has its own TENS machine or Thumper Wand. Too much everything. There's no time … Continue reading TMI

A Futile Fibro Flare-Up Day…

I’m in no shape of, or for, anything. Done naught but a few words in Daylio and Jouney Journal, then blindly and mindlessly poking around the internet a little... It’s horrible outside. Cold, rainy, high Humidity. The isobars are decent-ish at 1016mb. I’m so cold... But I can’t move, and in too much pain to do anything about it...