Freedom from this Labyrinthian Realm

Feeling lost has been a confusing and heartbreaking experience. Nothing is "OK", makes sense, or is worth any effort when you are lost inside your own mind. My focus has been gone, and so have I...   I unfortunately only just came to realise that last part though.  I nearly lost far more than myself because … Continue reading Freedom from this Labyrinthian Realm

Writing Tools & Adaptation

My preference in writing has always been typing. My tool of choice has been laptops since I first got my hands on one about 15 years ago when I was finally given one for college, and I've never been a big fan of handwriting, since it ends up hurting my stupidly weak wrists. Even as … Continue reading Writing Tools & Adaptation

Narratively Speaking

All right. I think for my latest writing attempt (i.e. Novel manuscript), I'm going to have to completely deconstruct what I've already done and realise what's there (apart from names and some basic plot-points) is just basically useless. It's sketchy and unfocused. And a bit rubbish, really. The idea's there, but it's not translating to … Continue reading Narratively Speaking

Getting To Know You…

I'm maybe starting to get the hang of this writing malarkey, me thinks. I don't mean that I'm suddenly Agatha Christie or Enid Blyton (and no, I'm neither 75 nor 6 years old, but they've been my favourites since I could read and no one has done better!) - but I think I am starting … Continue reading Getting To Know You…

Brain Frazzling

Lack of food, no appetite, serious caffeine dependency, exhaustion, inability to concentrate, and the coffee just keeps getting stronger with no effect. Welcome to Brain Frazzling. I've been trying to be clever - re-writing the first few chapters of a new MS I'm working on, one of an old story, and thinking about really giving the … Continue reading Brain Frazzling

Background Work

Funny how these were meant to be about music. Then they end up being about writing. Is that priorities changing, or finding another string to my creative bow?... I hope it's the second, I'd hate to accidentally give up on the music. But recently I've been thinking hard about the stories, writing stories, and using … Continue reading Background Work

(Creative) Absence Makes The Brain Go “Meh”…

That's just great... My confidence has taken quite a beating now. I've tried reading through something that I once thought might actually make a little sense - and not only did it not make any sense, it was a rambling mess I just wanted to cry at. Unfortunately, the lazy part of me just cannot be … Continue reading (Creative) Absence Makes The Brain Go “Meh”…

Losing The Plot

I've been working on being aware of the artistic side of writing - finding a voice for the characters, working a story that actually moves, finding a style and voice for my own writing... But it's like everything I ever learned whilst studying English Literature somehow went in through one ear and out the other, … Continue reading Losing The Plot