Under Intense [Air] Pressure from Rollercoaster Isobars

Fibromyalgia has narrowed my world in a way that nothing else ever has... Then it also got itself a "friend" -- Long COVID. Long COVID then went and got SEVERELY Exacerbated by Five Months of Hellish BURNOUT because of the STUPID Hospital's Treatment (or amazing lack thereof) of Lolli. Said BurnOut has rendered me... Entirely Non-Functional. In about as bad a condition as I was when I was battling SEPSIS.... But Then... Along Comes The Big Fibro Nemesis... The GODDAMNED WEATHER -- And the Rollercoaster Isobars thaat cause PAIN & Paresthesia like No Other to me.

Fibro Bunny

This... SUPER DRAINED EXHAUSTION is Getting Seriously, Severely Out Of Hand. There's the Paresthesia Nightmare of PAIN. The Undiagnosed Long COVID that's making it impossible to even move. ... Seriously, I Just Don't Know how else to word this DEEP ... Empty & VOID inside of... Ability To Move Or Even Breathe without The Most Enormous Effort... Wasn't there before I got COVID and now it's just getting worse with each day and month that goes by...

Nemesis: Weather Vs Fibromyalgia

Spoiler Alert:WEATHER WINS. EVERY. tIMe. March 2023 -- And Storm Larissa has hit us over here [from France, apparently] like a sledgehammer to the head. Fibromyalgia, Chronic illness, Chronic Pain... All Bring Agony & Paresthesia through my door, into my Body & Brain & Life Sudo Existence. It all crashes down onto me... Drowning Me... … Continue reading Nemesis: Weather Vs Fibromyalgia

IS It Worth It…??

BAD Headache... Neck Hurts... Achey... Quite A Bit Shakey... Feeling Horrid in General... Bloated tummy... Nauseated... Feels More Like A Hangover (or what is expect one to be like)... I Am SERIOUSLY Shaking & REALY Weak… I Can Barely Move… My Head Is POUNDING… And I’m Going More Hot & Cold Like A MEGA Messed-Up Shower… This … Continue reading IS It Worth It…??

JUNE 2019 — Daily Mood Chart • Disturbingly Not Good… 😔

I use Dailyo diary and mood tracking app for this: https://www.daylio.net This just about says it all... 😞😖😢 When you are going through it, it's bad enough... But to see it like this... You really do get to see "in black and white" as it were... It was terrible to go through. It was a … Continue reading JUNE 2019 — Daily Mood Chart • Disturbingly Not Good… 😔

Unchargable Me

I really hate these flare-ups... Is it just Fibro, or is it more? I'm just so exhausted I can't think straight, or even at all, anymore. It makes me so ridiculously ill, so tired and drained, so unable to do anything, not function at all. I am lost inside it. Numb and dead inside with … Continue reading Unchargable Me

Oh. Dead. Lord… I’m Surrounded By Idiots…!! 😣😱😤

I just don't know what to think. Or how to properly identify or deal with these feelings... Incensed? Angry? Horrified? Hurt? Sad? Violated? Victimised? Traumatised? Grief-Stricken? ... Who knows...? I certainly don't. The PIP Fiasco Continues still... I read the full case notes the unebelivably horrible woman I saw at PIP wrote... and it's vile. … Continue reading Oh. Dead. Lord… I’m Surrounded By Idiots…!! 😣😱😤

Aching & Breaking

The weather is getting to me again... My hands are tingling with pins and needles, mixed with tiny but very powerful and painful electric shocks. My fingertips are especially painful, as is a small space at the bottom of my right thumb joint. Of course, that's not all it is, but right now it's marginally … Continue reading Aching & Breaking