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Don’t Look Back

Focus On Your Strength

Focus On Your Strength



Sometimes, that’s all there is. It takes over your mind. It takes over your body. It takes over your life. It’s everything.

It’s your downfall. It’s your enemy. It’s hell on Earth.

So… how can you not focus on the pain and stay strong?

It helps if you know why you have the pain. It doesn’t make it go away, but at least you know what you’re facing. You know if’s a Really Bad Thing that’s causing it, or if it’s something that isn’t so bad that can either be cured or can be managed without complications or danger to life. Whatever it is, you can deal with it.

I’m not dealing with it. I try to ignore it… but that’s rather difficult. So instead I take my mind off it, working to find the “Silver Lining”, whereby I appreciate the small token that I at least have the time to do things I never had time for before. Those things like writing, watching things I never got around to before (who usually has time to watch new series marathons on Netflix every day? I’m definitely not missing out on that opportunity!), playing long gaming sessions and getting through those little things I never had time for before but wished I could.


Time Has No Meaning

I have nothing but time now, so what things I can do, I do. Those things that myself, and others, in the middle of rushing around doing things would love to have the time to do.

On the other hand, there are things that I would love to do, but now I have the time to do them, I can’t. I can’t go for walks and walk my dog around in the park, I can’t go horse riding (nor can I afford it now I’m not working – ironically had the money before but not the time, and now I have the time I don’t have the money…), I can’t sing, I can’t go ambling around London for fun like I used to, I haven’t been to London’s “West End” for going on 2 years (and I mean the entirety of central London’s shopping and entertainment’s district, not just Theatreland  – just all of it used to be my favourite place to be).

Those things, I try not to think about though.

This picture reminds me to think about those things that I can do, to focus on those “Silver Lining” things, where I can do things I actually enjoy. That even if I can’t go to work and do the things that I really loved to do (and get paid for it), there are other things that are just as fun.

Right now, a huge shining Silver Lining is being completely available to watch Wimbledon in its entirety. I’m most certainly enjoying that. Especially when playing ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) at the same time – talk about cool beans…! For two weeks, I’m certainly going to be a little bit happier (so long as Andy Murray toes the line and gets himself to the Final!), because I’m not going to want to do anything else or go anywhere while they’re playing. All those summers I wished for it, I’m going to be all over it now.

It’s not only about focusing on strengths. It’s about learning to just take it as it comes and make the best of it. That whole “make do and mend” attitude is important when you have pain, when you have chronic illnesses, and when you have an uncertain future.

All you have is now.

The best thing to do is to “make do and mend”. You can’t change it, so focus what what you can do, and make sure it something you enjoy.

Now is all you have. You may as well enjoy what you can when you can. If you have moments of nice, of peace, of fun, of enjoyment, of doing something valuable (to you or someone else)... those are all such positive things that will brighten your day and your mind. Your strength of mind.

And that is what focusing on your strengths is all about.

Being positive. Staying Strong. Getting Through.


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