Nemesis: Weather Vs Fibromyalgia

Spoiler Alert:WEATHER WINS. EVERY. tIMe. March 2023 -- And Storm Larissa has hit us over here [from France, apparently] like a sledgehammer to the head. Fibromyalgia, Chronic illness, Chronic Pain... All Bring Agony & Paresthesia through my door, into my Body & Brain & Life Sudo Existence. It all crashes down onto me... Drowning Me... … Continue reading Nemesis: Weather Vs Fibromyalgia

SEPSIS Poster Outlining Symptoms of SEPSIS from The UK Sepsis Trust

So, Apparently A&E Can’t Tell That Someone Who’s Screaming In Pain & Vomiting Continuously… IS. SERIOUSLY. ILL.

Hospital A&E COMPLETELY Ignored the Screaming Pain &; Continuous Vomiting from one Patient in the Waiting Room - A Vulnerable Adult, with Complex Medical Conditions, with Physical & Learning Disabilities, severe back and spine complications, and Mobility Problems. We were there because the GP had been concerned enough to allow a house-call. Said GP had been SO Concerned about The Patient, she immediately took One Look at them and said in No Uncertain Terms - You Need To Get To The Hospital!

Clues About Myself – I Don’t SEE Me(?!)

I am doing something so Stupidly Mundane... But as I am doing it, it's bringing into focus something that's been a... Thing... for a Long Time for me -- but didn't actually clock-on that it WAS a Thing... Until Now. All I am doing is writing up the stupid "About You" section of a website. That's it. And that's making me realise I know Absolutely Jack Sh*t About Myself -- Subjectively, Objectively, Consciously, Subconsciously...

COVID Positive…

So… I Caught COVID-19… … Two Years of Shielding…For Nothing.(… … …?!!) Well… Not All Stories About COVID-19 Are Bad… And, Yes, Despite Hiding In My Room For nearly 20 Months(!)… It Caught Me Anyway. But it was OK for me & my family, all of us… We’re all fine. We’re part of the Majority. … Continue reading COVID Positive…

The Autie & The Allergy (Silicone, This Time)

Well. And there was me thinking the most annoying part of finding out I was Allergic To Silicone was having my [First] Suprapubic Catheter implode, after giving me one almighty skin rash that looked more like I was being burned... Huh. Apparently Not... That Realisation comes when you also realise that the red, blotchy, marked … Continue reading The Autie & The Allergy (Silicone, This Time)

Wheelchair Autie Vs Ticket Office

You know, it's bad enough being a Wheelchair User when it comes to Public Transport. Adding my Fretful, Vexing, Social-Phobic Aspie Brain to that, means that it never goes well when it comes to using them. Now, I am glad to say, in hindsight, that this was the only thing that went wrong with this … Continue reading Wheelchair Autie Vs Ticket Office

The Auti & The Dentist: SO – No Emergency NHS Direct or Dentistry in North Wales…??

Right... So my face exploded - for the second time - with an abscess on a broken tooth. It's in the middle-ish of my lower left jaw bone. Literally overnight (it wasn't like this yesterday!), this time, it sprang up and doubled in size; this thing is a Monster that's already made me look somewhat … Continue reading The Auti & The Dentist: SO – No Emergency NHS Direct or Dentistry in North Wales…??