The Auti & The Dentist: SO – No Emergency NHS Direct or Dentistry in North Wales…??

Right... So my face exploded - for the second time - with an abscess on a broken tooth. It's in the middle-ish of my lower left jaw bone. Literally overnight (it wasn't like this yesterday!), this time, it sprang up and doubled in size; this thing is a Monster that's already made me look somewhat … Continue reading The Auti & The Dentist: SO – No Emergency NHS Direct or Dentistry in North Wales…??


I go through this Crap-Ass Existence in as much silence as possible these days... It’s easier, because writing about it requires Processing that I cannot manage anymore — a fact which hurts me and depresses me, because I’ve always used writing to deal with things my entire life... BUT this time, I feel things have … Continue reading BETRAYED — BY CORONAVIRUS & NHS

Surviving Trauma with ASD

My Story... My Life... The Second Time My World Imploded into PTSD... When I was 34, literally my entire world fell apart. I was so ill I couldn’t move and was in 24/7 agony from Fibromyalgia, and after 2 years of this illness and 10 years together, my partner snapped and she sent me home … Continue reading Surviving Trauma with ASD

A Different Physio Pain: When NTs Harm Without Consideration…

I went to physio. I wish I hadn't. Even though it was technically a "good session" — productive, challenging, effective... It was not a good experience.

The Biggest Reality Check of All…

Someone I haven't spoken to in a while over text sent me a quite innocent message yesterday, with Are you still alive? written on it. A running joke when catching up after a while. It meant nothing, had no other significant meaning. They didn't know it was not so this time. This time, it wasn't so funny. … Continue reading The Biggest Reality Check of All…

A Little Bit Safe

I'm finally back upstairs now... It's been about 3 months since I was up here. After a horrific time at the Premier Inn at the Black Cat, I came home determined to overhaul my room to make it more safe, more "mine". We changed the room around yesterday, so the TV is under the back … Continue reading A Little Bit Safe

The Tribunal Dilema

My PIP "mandatory reconsideration" was a few weeks back now. Ever since I've struggled with extreme pain, illness and stress. There have been two huge storms. My niece was born prematurely. I've been under such enormous stress from all angles, I've just broken down. I'm being tested for CFS/ME. My Hemiplegic (and normal) Migraine is … Continue reading The Tribunal Dilema

Oh. Dead. Lord… I’m Surrounded By Idiots…!! 😣😱😤

I just don't know what to think. Or how to properly identify or deal with these feelings... Incensed? Angry? Horrified? Hurt? Sad? Violated? Victimised? Traumatised? Grief-Stricken? ... Who knows...? I certainly don't. The PIP Fiasco Continues still... I read the full case notes the unebelivably horrible woman I saw at PIP wrote... and it's vile. … Continue reading Oh. Dead. Lord… I’m Surrounded By Idiots…!! 😣😱😤