The Nightmare of Nightmares, Hemiplegia & Grinding Teeth

[So] after Suffering Awful Nightmares through the night, I've then been Grinding my Teeth SO HARD, meaning that now -- the Right Side of my Jaw is ABSOLUTLY KILLING ME... I think it's entirely DISTRUPTED the Neuropathy in there -- So It UTTERLY, OVERWHELMINGLY, DEVESTATINGLY HURTS It's AGONY... ... I'm also starting to Get Concerned & wonder if those Nerves are being DAMAGED IRREPRABLY from it happening REALLY FREQUENTLY again...  I was SO Exhausted last night, I Wiped OUT at 12:30am -- This was after Three Days Straight of Zero Sleep Throughout The Entire Night. That's what you get when Weird-Ass Weather, Stress & High Anxiety (especially the weather at this point) comes & Kicks You All The Way Down The Huge Mountain of Horrible You Are On... Otherwise Known As A Fibro-FlareUp & The Consequences Thereof.

All Wound Up And Nowhere For It To Go…

Agitated and Jumping Inside like a Mexican Bean... Can't Settle -- no matter HOW Much I seem to want to... and obviously the MORE I WANT To ... The More Agitated=Jumping Bean I get.... (GAH!!!!!!!) ...

Coming & Going…

...ONE Night to a Premier Inn... For a Hospital appointment for L. I mean -- It Should Have Been Simple... Right??


C.A.L.L. Helpline is the Community Advice and Listening Line — a Freephone Helpline for people in Wales who need advice and support with their Mental Health... Not only this but they also have a texting option too.

July 07, 2019 2:36 am

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JUNE 2019 — Daily Mood Chart • Disturbingly Not Good… 😔

I use Dailyo diary and mood tracking app for this: This just about says it all... 😞😖😢 When you are going through it, it's bad enough... But to see it like this... You really do get to see "in black and white" as it were... It was terrible to go through. It was a … Continue reading JUNE 2019 — Daily Mood Chart • Disturbingly Not Good… 😔


| 9°C | Overwhelmed. TMI'd up to the hilt. My Mind has been blown to pieces... and then those pieces have been blown up too.I can't even... You know, I am buzzing on the inside... I mean literally, like every cell has its own TENS machine or Thumper Wand. Too much everything. There's no time … Continue reading TMI

A Different Physio Pain: When NTs Harm Without Consideration…

I went to physio. I wish I hadn't. Even though it was technically a "good session" — productive, challenging, effective... It was not a good experience.