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HairCare Is Self-Care

Reviewing What Makes My Hair Smile

HairCare Is Important. It’s Self-Worth.
It’s Self-Validating. It’s Self-Care.
It’s Self-Identity.

Chronic Illness effectively Removes You from The Norm. It sends Your Norm into a Complete & Utter TAILSPIN.

More Often Than Not…
It’s These Small Things That Fall By The Wayside

OverView & ReViews of Products:

It’s been… Many Years now… and I’ve started to find things that help… Products that are Quite Useful to me, and the State Situation I now find myself in.

These Are A Few Of My Most Favourite Things:

Once, My Hair
Was My Absolute
Pride & Joy

My Hair was Always My Everything. But Then, I Got Really ill.
Many facets of Existing with Severe Chronic Pain, Having to Deal With Severe Chronic Illness (and the despair of knowing it will never go away, never get better, only change for the worse), not being able to shower properly or wash your hair, being on some Serious Meds — and a Lot Of It…
It Changes Your Hair. Just Like it Changes your body.

really badly matted hair
After 3 years of struggling to care for my hair, due to the Fibromyalgia

— My hair always got the Best Of Everything… Until I Just Couldn’t Give It Anything. After that, it became more & more matted, more straw-like, Just Unrecognisable… Damaged & DESROYED.

Dark salt and pepper roots morphing into bright red hair.

Not being able to wash your hair for over 6 Months… Is Awful. Not Dying Hair and Seeing Roots Getting Worse & Worse & Worse, is Uncomfortable-to-Heartbreaking to experience.

And… It Can Basically Destroy Your Hair — along with your Self-Worth, and Sense of Self.

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