Under Intense [Air] Pressure from Rollercoaster Isobars

Fibromyalgia has narrowed my world in a way that nothing else ever has... Then it also got itself a "friend" -- Long COVID. Long COVID then went and got SEVERELY Exacerbated by Five Months of Hellish BURNOUT because of the STUPID Hospital's Treatment (or amazing lack thereof) of Lolli. Said BurnOut has rendered me... Entirely Non-Functional. In about as bad a condition as I was when I was battling SEPSIS.... But Then... Along Comes The Big Fibro Nemesis... The GODDAMNED WEATHER -- And the Rollercoaster Isobars thaat cause PAIN & Paresthesia like No Other to me.

Running Through Custard & Quicksand

I'm absolutely WRECKED... Feeling like I've been hit by a runaway BULLET Train, run over by a tank, then forcibly wrapped inside a boa-constrictor that has SEVERELY ELECTROCUTING giant hedgehog spikes, IMPALING Me EVERYWHERE, with NON-STOP Electrocuting Currents.... And With Each Individual Cell having its very OWN TENS Machine Attached -- on "MEGA SUPERNOVA...(!!!!!!)" Power...



The Nightmare of Nightmares, Hemiplegia & Grinding Teeth

[So] after Suffering Awful Nightmares through the night, I've then been Grinding my Teeth SO HARD, meaning that now -- the Right Side of my Jaw is ABSOLUTLY KILLING ME... I think it's entirely DISTRUPTED the Neuropathy in there -- So It UTTERLY, OVERWHELMINGLY, DEVESTATINGLY HURTS It's AGONY... ... I'm also starting to Get Concerned & wonder if those Nerves are being DAMAGED IRREPRABLY from it happening REALLY FREQUENTLY again...  I was SO Exhausted last night, I Wiped OUT at 12:30am -- This was after Three Days Straight of Zero Sleep Throughout The Entire Night. That's what you get when Weird-Ass Weather, Stress & High Anxiety (especially the weather at this point) comes & Kicks You All The Way Down The Huge Mountain of Horrible You Are On... Otherwise Known As A Fibro-FlareUp & The Consequences Thereof.

Evri. Little. Hel– GAH!!!!

Seriously... Evri / Hermes.... There is NO Point changing your name to escape the HORRIBLE reputation that your company (OH SO RIGHTFULLY!) Has... Only to KEEP DOING The BullCrap that Got You There In The Fist Place...?! It's SUCH a Simplistic Idea, isn't it? Delivery -- Taking it out of the van, putting it wherever you're supposed to, then leaving.

Where Did I Go…?

Singer. Songwriter. Dancer. Horse Rider. Yoga Prac,titioner. Healthcare Worker. Data Analyst. Trauma Survivor. I wasn't always like this. It slammed itself into my face, destroyed my life, dessimated the person I once was,and annihilated my body. I went from a fully-formed Adult into a barely-there Zombie... with a body held together by nothing but Pregabalin, … Continue reading Where Did I Go…?

I WISH.com They Would Make It EASY!!

Their Returns System is Horribly Convoluted, Senseless, Difficult. I am MEGA Fatigued after gruelling WEEKS of BAD Fibro-FlareUp... I have PAIN, Brain / Fibro Fog & a Head full of Cotton Balls... I am actually Blacking Out from the Exhaustion & Pain I ALREADY HAVE... and NOW I have to... Manage. This. ....?? Fibromyalgia Cares NOT for Stupid & Ridiculous RETURNS Systems...!! And. YET.....

Pain… SUCKS…

My Back is… SCREAMING… I can barely breathe… I had to Contain My Screams to even SIT UP IN BED… Nauseated & Vibrating from the sheer amount of AGONY it’s causing right now… I’ve been passing out from it, unable to wake up — so I’ve forced myself to Get Out of Bed to the floor to stop me doing it AGAIN (Again…)… My Spot (for sitting) has vanished under a pile of……. Utter Crap… Worse than … Continue reading Pain… SUCKS…