SEPSIS Poster Outlining Symptoms of SEPSIS from The UK Sepsis Trust

So, Apparently A&E Can’t Tell That Someone Who’s Screaming In Pain & Vomiting Continuously… IS. SERIOUSLY. ILL.

Hospital A&E COMPLETELY Ignored the Screaming Pain &; Continuous Vomiting from one Patient in the Waiting Room - A Vulnerable Adult, with Complex Medical Conditions, with Physical & Learning Disabilities, severe back and spine complications, and Mobility Problems. We were there because the GP had been concerned enough to allow a house-call. Said GP had been SO Concerned about The Patient, she immediately took One Look at them and said in No Uncertain Terms - You Need To Get To The Hospital!

The Nightmare of Nightmares, Hemiplegia & Grinding Teeth

[So] after Suffering Awful Nightmares through the night, I've then been Grinding my Teeth SO HARD, meaning that now -- the Right Side of my Jaw is ABSOLUTLY KILLING ME... I think it's entirely DISTRUPTED the Neuropathy in there -- So It UTTERLY, OVERWHELMINGLY, DEVESTATINGLY HURTS It's AGONY... ... I'm also starting to Get Concerned & wonder if those Nerves are being DAMAGED IRREPRABLY from it happening REALLY FREQUENTLY again...  I was SO Exhausted last night, I Wiped OUT at 12:30am -- This was after Three Days Straight of Zero Sleep Throughout The Entire Night. That's what you get when Weird-Ass Weather, Stress & High Anxiety (especially the weather at this point) comes & Kicks You All The Way Down The Huge Mountain of Horrible You Are On... Otherwise Known As A Fibro-FlareUp & The Consequences Thereof.

Where Did I Go…?

Singer. Songwriter. Dancer. Horse Rider. Yoga Prac,titioner. Healthcare Worker. Data Analyst. Trauma Survivor. I wasn't always like this. It slammed itself into my face, destroyed my life, dessimated the person I once was,and annihilated my body. I went from a fully-formed Adult into a barely-there Zombie... with a body held together by nothing but Pregabalin, … Continue reading Where Did I Go…?

I They Would Make It EASY!!

Their Returns System is Horribly Convoluted, Senseless, Difficult. I am MEGA Fatigued after gruelling WEEKS of BAD Fibro-FlareUp... I have PAIN, Brain / Fibro Fog & a Head full of Cotton Balls... I am actually Blacking Out from the Exhaustion & Pain I ALREADY HAVE... and NOW I have to... Manage. This. ....?? Fibromyalgia Cares NOT for Stupid & Ridiculous RETURNS Systems...!! And. YET.....

Black Heart Dying

Screaming alone inside my head Grasping desperation till I'm dead Black fingers pouring threads of war From wounds that I can no longer ignore

On a Day Like Today… Or Any Other…

Fibromyalgia... Is a world where you’ve been making lots of plans on what you're Gona do today, tomorrow, next week.... THEN. You Move. (The Audacity!!) And probably Black out from the PAIN. With or without Screaming Sound-Effects; such is the Joy of Choice with Fibromyalgia...  (HA!... Not.)

HOW Do You Fit In Other Things When You’re Busy Being Ill…?

Being Chronically Ill is, basically, not only having the Worst Paid Job EVER…But being stuck with it as — and as literally it gets — a life-long career, with Zero Ability of Getting Out…

Girl… Gone…

I Require Resilience... Self-Sufficiency... To Claim My Own Space -- both in my own head and to others -- yet I Cannot seem to manage that even a Little Bit anymore... I Was Born With It... And I literally don't know how to live -- even exist -- without it... And B.O.Y. Am I Without It Now...