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~ Living with Asperger Syndrome & Fibromyalgia



After spending the first 22 years of my life in North Wales, I came to London in 2003 – a birthday present to myself in the hope of actually getting a job. I spent just shy of 13 years there before leaving again, because of the pain and lack of healthcare support.

I now live back in North Wales, within the Snowdonia Valley,  with my dog Soul – a gorgeous Staffie rescued from outside a pub in Angel, Islington from someone who was badly neglecting him.

I used to be a data analyst and database administrator. I loved my job, loved computers, databases, systems, and analysing and fixing them. Unfortunately I had to give that up when I became too ill to work in March 2014.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia – Constant & Severe Chronic Pain.

Unofficially, there is nothing they can do about it. I can’t take the appropriate meds, except for Pragabalin, thanks to being drastically intolerant to everything else they can give. There is nothing more they can offer to relieve the pain.

The reality is that I’ve had to search for and fund my own treatments and aids – wheelchairs, walkers, osteopathy, alternative medication like Devil’s Claw, physical braces, an extortionate membership to a spa to undergo my own hydrotherapy. 

Thanks to the current condition of our once-illustrious NHS, I will be lucky to receive anything useful from them before I die of old age. Until then, a lot of money will have to go towards the things I need to get privately, which is difficult with just PIP and ESA to live on.

I was also diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in October 2014… about 25 years after it would have been most useful. 

There are good days and bad days. Then there are the nightmare ones, and the lonely ones. Those are the worst.

But they are still mine.


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