The Nightmare of Nightmares, Hemiplegia & Grinding Teeth

Had. A. B.A.D. Night…. It’s left me with a BAD Headache… QUITE. VERY. BAD – Even For Me… Then, after Suffering Awful Nightmares through the night, I’ve then been Grinding my Teeth SO HARD, meaning that now — the Right Side of my Jaw is ABSOLUTLY KILLING ME

I think it’s entirely DISTRUPTED the Neuropathy in there — So It UTTERLY, OVERWHELMINGLY, DEVESTATINGLY HURTS It’s AGONY

… I’m also starting to Get Concerned & wonder if those Nerves are being DAMAGED IRREPRABLY from it happening REALLY FREQUENTLY again…

 I was SO Exhausted last night, I Wiped OUT at 12:30am — This was after Three Days Straight of Zero Sleep Throughout The Entire Night. That’s what you get when Weird-Ass Weather, Stress & High Anxiety (especially the weather at this point) comes & Kicks You All The Way Down The Huge Mountain of Horrible You Are On… Otherwise Known As A Fibro-FlareUp & The Consequences Thereof.

I was SO DONE by midnight (that’s like, maybe 7 or 8pm to most folks) that I crawled into bed and Crashed Out without even really noticing it. I was That Bad.

But then, I woke up nearly every hour from about 4:30am onwards after that… till 8am meds. Then I was Out Of It, again, till 11am coffee time. 

However….. Each time I Was Asleep or Napping.. I had B.A.D Nightmares,…. BAD…. and with each one had the Gnashing & Grinding of teeth thing…. finally waking up from the severe PAIN of it & trying to Wrench my teeth apart!

In The End — It Went & Triggered a Hemiplegia Attack in my face.

It slowly weakened the Right Side of my face – Cheek, Jaw, Neck, Throat. I started speaking “thickly” and my head was going fuzzier. My Cheek wouldn’t move, my eye was twitching, and my mouth wasn’t moving properly.

I was scared I was too far gone to take my 1pm meds; I only Just About managed it [safely]. I hoped they would help – they included Tramadol (big painkiller) and Baclofen (anti-spasmodic), after all.

But No. Nothing Changed.

The Only Thing That Did Work was a home-made Oil Blend My Mother made especially to target Hemiplegia Attacks. She’s become Quite The Alchemist Now(!) — and they work like a charm.

This Time — They whisked away the Oncoming Paralysis, so I could use my face again (and save my arm, which is where it would have travelled to next)… But only took maybe 20-25% away from the PAIN Itself. And THAT Is Highly Unusual.

…Hence wondering if the Neuropathy from the teeth squishing is being Damaged, along with just being Disrupted.


Just Been In A Stupor Of Agony Most of the Day – I’ve Even Not Touched My Coffee… Which. Is. B.A.D

The Pain in my face is Just Ridiculously Horrendous

Unable to think or Function. Cognitive abilities are CLOSED until either rested or maybe Christmas…

Of 2033….

My face now is swollen, I think…. Feels like the side of my face has been STOMPED On — HARD.

I Had Hoped Maybe 6pm meds Would HelpThen I hoped the 8pm Zomorph might… Just Nope. To Both. Again.

More Pain having eaten dinner Feeling horrible & a LOT of PAIN there… Couldn’t put ANY pressure whatsoever  on the back of my mouth on the Right side at all.

Even a Touch was Too Much

It’s centred around the bottom of my Right Cheek, towards the angle of the jaw. Tension or Muscle Spasms are causing the Neck & Jaw Muscles to Clamp SHUT in a Vice-Like LockJaw Death-Grip, whenever I have VERY BAD Nightmares.

The backest Molar, and what was supposed to be some remanence of a half-baked attempt at growing a Wisdom Tooth, are being shoved HORRENDOUSLY right into my jaw bone by this horrendous Force

It’s affecting the back half of the jaw and those two teeth, then up the hinge and against the inside of my ear drum space, along my cheekbone and up to the side of my head… All the way to the Migraine Spot (where ALL my headache migraines once congregated and stuck to like Glue).

You wouldn’t think something as Mundane as Bad Nightmares & Bad Weather Could DO This Kind Of Thing… But from the Incessant HEAT and Sky-High Isobars, it looks like they’re now going with LOW Isobars (Air Pressure), Warm Weather & Thunderstorms!

And the pain is FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE… I am on Tramadol, Morphine, Anti-Spasmodics (plural) — HOW is this even HAPPENING… and HOW does it STILL Hurt More Than a 10?! It’s making me So Dozy & Foggy I’ve been This Close to being Completely Wiped Out the entire day.

I’ve certainly Blacked Out a few times.

I suspect if I wasn’t Entirely Used to This Level & Kind of Pain Agony, I’m pretty sure it would be absolutely Unbearable. Even I can barely Stand it.

Just… GAH…!!!!

Coda: 01:49am I have now noticed that the Damned Pain is FINALLY DOWN to a 1 or 2 MAX… That’s it.



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