And so it turns out I now get the privilege of being a prisoner in my own home, and during the short time we’ve actually had good weather this year. One more string to add to my tiny violin of pointless self-pity…!

It comes from that there is now absolutely no way, except in dire emergencies, that I can use my current (off-the-rack) wheelchair to go anywhere. I’m on my third day of attempted recuperation from sitting in it for two hours or less on Tuesday (It’s Friday night now), and I’m clearly still looking at maybe halfway to OK, if I’m lucky. And I’m not usually… incidentally. Lucky, that is. I can’t make it outdoors, even into the garden, on  my footsies now, and so I’m entirely reliant on that contraption. If it wasn’t trying to kill me, of course.

I do have a “proper” one on it’s way – finally. But it’s going to take a while yet, up to another 4 weeks – although I hope and pray it is much shorter a time-fame, because this inflicted house-arrest is already making me feel like leaping out of the window. It’s not like there’s anywhere I can go after, since I can’t really move, but it’s the gesture, right?

Understandably (I hope!), I am more than miffed about this situation, least of all that I have been desperately wanting – needing – to see Wonder Woman at the movies, which is out now, and I can’t go. If I don’t die right there from sitting in that chair, it’ll be shortly afterwards… It just won’t be the same on Blu Ray as on an enormous 3D IMAX screen. And no, sitting in the actual cinema chairs there won’t make better either. Arguably, it would probably make it even worse… So you see my dilemma??

But I’ll live… it’s fine…


… So, yeh. I’m handling it really well…!

But on the bright side, I….

– -Nope. I got nothing…!

It’s been sunny, warm… with dubious isobars, but they wouldn’t have been so bad without the complications the chair made. And just when that elusive sun just started shining too!


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