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New Information…

When to see the neurologist in Bangor Hospital today. Was supposed to go to Walton, they had an appointment on Monday, but they had a cancellation today, so I took it. I only got the letter to call them about arranging an appointment on Wednesday, too.

It was good. He was nice, and he knew abut ASD and spoke “Aspie” – he was clear, concise, with lots of detail, and I understood what he said. He was really great.

Well… The Good News is I’m not dying and I almost absolutely don’t have an auto-immune anything. He’s quite happy I have what is effectively (in my words) a “complex neuropathological disorder that also incorporates Fibromyalgia amongst other things“.

They’re sending me for MRI to outlet check there’s nothing else, though. Just to make sure.

Basically the neurons and nerves are OK but the chemicals inside that governs them have gone to hell in a handbasket, scrambled to confusion, and all over the place. This may or may not ever right itself. but it’s not anything like MS which I’m delighted about.

Might be like this forever but at least know my own nerves aren’t getting eaten by their own selves…

They’re sending me to the pain management clinic and OT is sending me to physico for assessment, so I’ll just go from there the best I can.

… Now I need to go and process… I have the rest of my life to deal with this thing now.






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