ASD – My Hospital Passport

Whilst doing some digging and research regarding ASD and visiting GPs – after today’s fiasco – I found out about this:


My Hospital Passport:

The NAS created this alongside NHS England, who actively encourage its use under their “Think Autism” scheme.

I’ve had a look at it, and it’s pretty good.

I filled it in, using the added notes they offer with it. It allows you to say quite clearly to health professionals in any setting how your ASD affects you and what communication methods you prefer. It’s designed with hospital in-patient situations in mind – given how extraordinarily stressful and disruptive they are – but it’s perfect for any contact with healthcare professionals.

Because it’s a PDF file, you can either fill it out on an app like Adobe and then print it, or it can be printed and hand-written. It’s easy to use, and the notes explain anything that’s not entirely clear.

I wish I’d have known about it before. Alongside the Autism Alert Card and Autism Awareness Cards, this day might have gone easier.
Adults With Autistm



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