Strange Energy

It’s a strange day… A strange morning…

Something is really off with everything here… There’s a feeling of chaotic energy in the air. Someone who is usually so laid back they fall over is behaving so angry and inflamed with no explanation – skirting the line of rather “crazy” that scared me. Doggy has been yelping and behaving erratically (although thankfully calmed and sleeping by now). Both my Xbox and Macbook are not working properly, ransom behaving erratically, doing strange things here and here. My body is behaving even more strangely and erratically than even it usually does. Things are happening that almost never happen, and today and now is when they’ve suddenly happened, just when everything else is happening…

It’s unnerving, especially when it happens all at the same time and in such a shocking, unexpected way.

Negative Energy

Thank you, I will…!

It may absolutely be my imagination… but it also seems that things are either moving themselves, or I’m putting things in places so odd I have no recollection of putting them there… Like the Xbox remote being in a part of the room I have been nowhere near (that I can recall).

It’s all very odd… Unsettling.

This often happens when there’s a storm. Or a full moon. Except the full moon has been and the new moon is coming. There’s apparently no storms (I have to say apparently – we are in the UK after all). I really don’t know why it suddenly feels like this, and strange things are happening. Very bad things happened, all before 8:30am.

If it was my imagination… would everything around be odd too, external to me? Things so odd – so awful it was actually frighting to experience? Everything is disconcerting… strange.

Energy Vampire

Or maybe it’s this guy…?

Are we, as people, capable of pulling such behaviour out of a hat because we cause this energy to materialise? I was… unnerved by what happened. By what has continued to happen. It’s slowly easing up, but it’s still there, a little bit. And yes, it’s just me here. But it is  easing… As if it was a result of someone else, who has left.

So I’m wondering if any one person can cause such strange, erratic, horrible energy? And if that is the case, can you possibly make it stop, or change it? Influence it to calm or absolutely go away?

… Or, as other people will probably think, I’m just simply mad and imagining the entire thing, because that is what I am classed as, I suppose. Just… mad.

Maybe I am.

Maybe I’m not.


Energy Matters…

The “Matilda Effect“, or “Carrie Effect“, is a strange one, when seen through the interpretation of each author. Each time, it’s a story whereby internal kinetic energy is is focused intensely on the external world, caused by something within ourselves, mainly called “telekinesis” by most. But it’s not even just kinetic energy we can apparently bond with, but other kinds too. But in both novels, it’s kinetic, caused when a young girl/woman is so confused by the world around her her energies somehow became focused on the world around her, and starts influencing it. A general cause-and-effect scenario that (in the novels) makes sense.

This does not.

… My point is that we are aware of different energies, to the point where we can read these novels and accept that they’re based in some kind of reality, only greatly exaggerated for effect. We all know how someone walking into the room with confidence and a

beaming smile changes the energy, the atmosphere – energy changes when someone brings strong energy of their own. Can erratic energy from a person affect the kinetic or electromagnetic energy in a room too, influencing other people – other things – to act erratically?

Yeh... I'm also asking nicely

Yeh… I’m also asking nicely

But being aware and accidentally causing them (if not deliberately able to)… It shouldn’t be really possible, not to a such an extent.

Something about how everything went tits-up this morning, and things are still a little strange, makes me reluctantly believe there is more to it than us being unable to (accidentally?) dictate the energies around us.

It feels that this energy is still hanging around like a bad smell. I don’t really know what the air freshener equivalent for bad energy is, though. I know I feel uneasy and unnerved… That feeling of dread, when you know something bad is going to happen… Like if you’re just waiting for your boss to “have a word” with you, or you’re watching a horror film and the protagonist is walking around a deserted and dark house that will inevitably at some point have a freaky scare somewhere.

I just want it to leave so I can focus on things, instead of that feeling. That feeling leaves all of us half-paralysed, unable to think clearly or concisely – which is annoying.

I’m still waiting for it to all go…  That lingering feeling of unnerved energy, of lingering dread. I need to get some things done, but it’s screwing with my head. We’re probably all in tune with that feeling when it is invoked in us… That’s how teachers, bosses, and movie directors can put that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Or maybe I’m imagining the whole thing.


I need a hot, sweet tea…

Apparently that fixes everything.



I think I’m going to go with this guy….



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