Writing Tools & Adaptation

My preference in writing has always been typing. My tool of choice has been laptops since I first got my hands on one about 15 years ago when I was finally given one for college, and I’ve never been a big fan of handwriting, since it ends up hurting my stupidly weak wrists. Even as a child I asked for a typewriter, which then got relegated to under the bed the minute we got our first computer.

So losing my tool of writing recently has left me rather lost, to be honest… My laptop (generally clunky and useless as it was) became fully DOA and was tentatively diagnosed with Fried Hard Drive Syndrome – which I suspect was due to the idiotically- placed main vent… Some genius thought it’d be an awesome idea to put it in the bottom of the laptop – and thus defeating the whole point of it actually being a laptop (it was more of a sit-it-strategically-on-books-and-magazines-top and the idiot at HP who designed it should be string up with piano wire and over a crocodile pit). Throw in the fact it ran the worst OS in history (Vista) and that machine was a nightmare.

But it was a “lap”top, and my only laptop, and I like how personal they are. PC may stand for “Personal Computer” but desktops are nowhere near the same. Laptops are portable – they can go to your bed, your couch, your Starbucks, on the train, and away on trips with you. Desktops are utterly useless for such things, given they tend to weigh more than a baby elephant and are almost just as big as one too (OK, they’re not quite that bad these days, but they’re still not great). They also come in at least 3 parts and they just don’t move. I like the fact laptops (and ergo your ideas, notes, manuscript, games, internet etc) are portable and follow you everywhere. Now I don’t have a portable friend and feel tied down and trapped – stuck tied to the only working machine in the house… My desktop.

… Except not “desk”top. It’s tied to the big-screen TV to watch online programmes and movies, and was originally set up to be the iTunes archive and player. So writing now actually involves sitting in front of a huge HDTV with a wired keyboard (the wireless one died – this house is cursed!) and trying to concentrate on writing on something big enough to live on, and was bought for movies and games.

So now my “writing office” is the floor of the living room (the keyboard only reaches do far) and my office chair is a bunch of large floor cushions, and my desk is a large box with books in. And if I want to watch anything (or the other-half does), it goes in a small window in the corner of the screen – so very not practical!

I’m now not so much short of inspiration as short of options for where to write them down, and this I’m finding annoying the more of goes on. But then when one does not have the ability to fund a change to the situation, one has to adapt. Even if it’s through gritted teeth!



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2 responses to “Writing Tools & Adaptation

  • TheOthers1

    Lol. This cracked me up. I’m used to computers and Macs in particular. I’ve tried writing stuff by hand more recently because I think it’s a good hobby to have, but I do love my Mac and couldn’t live without it. Entertaining post. 🙂

  • chaudharyraju1

    After updating this time (couple of week ago) even I am having some bad headache. Vista really s……

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