Get Your Music Heard – Royalty Free Music with Eirianlys RFM

For other songwriters who might also be interested in this opportunity:

Eirianlys RFM – Royalty Free Music

Get Your Music Heard – Eirianlys RFM: Royalty Free Music →

Eirianlys RFM: Royalty Free Music – They want to hear your original songs to be considered for their new website:

They say:
“I have just created a new website for Royalty Free Music:

I am offering you the chance to submit your music for consideration to be put on my website.

I know that a lot of people have written and recorded good quality music that has never been heard because the music industry believes it is not what they are looking for, maybe it’s not the popular genre of the present music era?

So the CD gathers dust on the shelf.

But there are people out there looking for music for projects both business & personal use.

And they don’t want to pay threw the nose for Royalty fees.

So this is an ideal vehicle to match the two together.”

~ For the full blog and all details, they have their own WordPress Site:

Eirianlys RFM – WordPress Site


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