Grey Matter

One’s hair is becoming the wrong colour, especially at this age. If hair should become wrong colour, let it be from buying wrong hair dye… NOT from going prematurely grey (I’ve barely turned 30 – it is not OK!).

It’s very disconcerting when your once dark-brown roots come through streaked with silver – especially when silver starts to seriously outnumber the brown. And you’re not 50. I start to look old, even though I’m really not – and it’s irritating too, as roots need to be done more religiously. It’s one thing to have brown roots, it’s totally another thing to have grey ones. It’s rather unacceptable, and frankly a little discouraging. At 30, hair dye should be still used for fun, not necessity.

I was reading that a deficiency in vitamin B and/ or high and continuous levels of stress hormones (adrenaline, cortisol, etc) ravaging your hair-colour (melanin?) stores so there’s none left to use on the hair itself to colour it in. I have done, and probably still do suffer from both, so I suppose that’s a no-brainer really… Apparently, the amount of under 30s with greying hair has doubled recently – something like 32% are such afflicted as I with this problem. Stress being the common cause. Obviously. It’s probably from the vicious circle of finding one little grey hair, panicking, and then subsequently causing the other buggers to turn up, causing more to happen, causing more panic, etc, etc. It would just never end. Until you were totally grey, then you just might start pulling your hair out instead.

On the bright side though, I have realised this phenomenon will make the dye come out better and brighter (red – as in bright, real actual red – can be rather rubbish on brown hair, as they’re rather incompatible). Truth be told, the fact my favourite hair dye actually states on the box that it is “unsuitable for grey hair” because the outcome will be “too vibrant” gives me some optimism about having more silver locks than the oppressive and annoying taint of brown. Once almost totally grey, I’ll actually, for once, end up with the colour on the box, instead of the crappy barely-there colour on the back under “dark-brown/black” sample that is undistinguishable from the start colour and rather looks like they haven’t really bothered.

Now, what I don’t understand is that the people behind what is supposed to be a new-fangled miracle pill for preventing the annoying problem of grey hair is actually L’Oreal. And given that L’Oreal is probably the biggest hair dye company ever, isn’t that just shooting yourself in the foot?

I say it’d make a better option make a hair-dye pill instead. Take it and it turns the melanin a different colour – whatever’s on the box. That way is finally be able to have my hair fire-engine red without the 90% peroxide required to do so – it’d be win-win. Not only would you get rid of the grey, you could then turn it any colour, and – better still – never have to use that stinking, god-awful bottle of vile goop (that never looks like the colour you’re trying to get), which leaves your bathroom looking like its been in a paint-balling war, with gloves that never fit, no matter what, and leaves your hands looking like you’ve taken part in a massacre (or it does if your colour of choice is red).

I’d really like one right now, in fact. Because I just really can’t be buggered to going to all that trouble – again. After just a few short weeks since I did it last, I don’t want to turn my bathroom into something that looks like a cheap alchemy lab where a horrific massacre took place, and then look like an alien took over my head for a good couple of hours afterwards – before I turn my shower dark pink, as usual, whilst it all washes out again. All in the name of pretty-coloured hair.

What a farce women have to go to, so we can have nice, coloured-in (and not grey) hair – it really is amazing what we put up with in the name of beauty, and in the 21st century this ritual still hasn’t really changed. We can put a man on the moon and keep our entire life in a tiny square of plastic (BB/iPhone), but we still have to put messy goo on out hair every six weeks to make it look pretty. You can tell the world is ruled by men.

So now I really just have one other thing to say… I’ll really like to just take the hair dye pill now, thanks.


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